What size should I order?

Kangoo Jumps are exceptionally comfortable and the sizes quite flexible, because the padding of the liner adapts to your foot shape (also to a wide foot). They fit perfectly in 95% of on-line sales.

Kangoo Jumps sizes are unisex. They are marked with men's sizes on the center back of the liner.

They are only available in full sizes.
Men-If you normally wear half a size, order one full size above and round up on the 1/2. Example: your usual size is 10 1/2 - order a KJ size 12. You will not feel uncomfortable if the size is a bit larger (up to one size margin), as the buckles allow a fine fit adjustment.

Women- If you normally wear a half size, order one size smaller than you normally wear. Example. I wear 8 1/2 and my Kangoo Shoes are size 8.

Fitting recommendations:

- Wear (preferably thick) socks covering your ankles. I personally wear 2 pairs at a time.

- Make sure the liner (inner boot)fits in well in place.

- Don't tighten the buckles too much! The sole base being as wide as normal shoes, Kangoo Jumps are very stable and don't need much ankle support.

- The liner will feel a little tight at first. The lining will adapt to your foot and give in where necessary.

- You need to hear a "click" when closing each buckle to the right (snapped) position. If you can't get the "click" it means you are trying to close your buckle too tight. Release it a bit and try again. Sometimes the buckles are more difficult to close when they need oiling: lift the buckle, and rub the inside with your finger. The moisture of your body is enough for the oiling!