Thanks for introducing me to Kangoo Jumps.
They are the best, I love them - As a former Mr. Universe I am always looking for new and fun ways to stay in shape.
Kangoo Jumps are now my favorite cardio exercise - As a Fitness Pro I am always researching innovative and effective ways for my clients to get fit.
Kangoo Jumps are it! They are the best all around exercise in the Universe!!!"


When My wife Alicia Lund told me about the kangoo jumps I thought that may be she would get a pair but not me. When I tried the boots on and walked with them for a few minutes I was convinced. I bought 2 pair, one for my wife and one for me. The main reason I bought them was: October os 2000 I had Spinal surgery, I had Lumbar Decompression and Discectomy for a Herniated Nucleus Pulposus with Spinal Stenosis (Normal terms a Herniated disc L-4 & L-5).
Even now after all this time, when I walk because of the impact on the pavement my lower back hurts after about 20 minutes of walking. Since I bought the kangoo Jumps, my wife and I go out walking and even jogging with the boots on and it has not bothered my back at all. In fact my wife timed our jogging run yesterday 5/7/03, and we both ran/ jogged for 25 minutes. I could not believe it, my back did not bother me at all.

Wayne Lund - Vietnam Veteran

"I am 52 years old and have been exercising all of my adult life. I have used treadmills, Nordic Track, stair steppers, ellipse machines, step aerobics and weight training on a regular basis for years. I thought being 52 and gravity was why my legs and butt were getting loose and out of shape.

I have never had such results as I've had in the past year using my Kangoo Jumps. I run on my Kangoo Jumps 3 to 4 times a week, and my legs are the strongest and the most toned they've been in years. I have defied gravity, increased my strength and endurance and am proud of the shape I'm in thanks to Kangoo Jumps"

Pat Murray - Redondo Beach, California

"While I'm jogging at the beach in my KJ's other joggers will run along with me and ask questions about my boots. When I tell them it reduces the impact on my joints by 60% they proceed to tell me about their aches and pains from jogging; sore knees, sore hips, etc. and it only hurts until they 'work through the pain'. I spoke to a man who was an avid runner for years and is now an avid walker due to bad hips. I tell them I used to be like them but decided to listen to my body. How can something that is hurting us now be a good fitness program in the long term? I jog on my Kangoo Jumps 3 to 4 times a week for 4 miles, I'm 52 years old and I NEVER have any soreness or achiness. Kangoo Jumps are the best invention a jogger could ask for"

Pat Murray - Redondo Beach, California

"One of the biggest challenges of long distance competitive running is the huge amount of time it takes to properly prepare.
I am constantly looking for ways to make my workouts more effective & enjoyable.
Kangoo Jumps are the greatest tool I have found for a truly euphoric workout."

Jodie Luther

"In the end, no matter what type of exercise you do, it's all about gravity! Low impact rebounding has been described as the perfect exercise because each & every cell in your body benefits. My cholesterol levels have dramatically dropped and my adult onset diabetes is under control, for the first time in years."

Daniel Taylor - Marketing Executive

"I hadn't been able to run or jog for years after my knee surgery - Using Kangoo Jumps allows me to run for miles without aggravating these problem areas."

Earl Anderson, age: 70 - Retired Marine

"I have been conducting power training classes and providing clients with challenging personalized training programs for years - For all around fitness and terrific cardiovascular workouts, I love to use Kangoo Jumps in all of my programs - they are so much fun."

Jodie Luther - Fitness Specialist

"Injuries from a car accident I was in 20 years ago, that never seemed to completely heal, have prevented me from exercising. Even casual jogging would aggravate my condition. Running and aerobic exercises using Kangoo Jumps has been a blessing. I'm in better shape than I have been in years."
Dr. David Engle - Chiropractor

"What an incredible sensation - every time I put on my Kangoo Jumps I start laughing. They are truly hilariously fun to use, even though I know I am getting a very serious workout - And what an attention-getter. I love to show off for my grandchildren."
Geraldine Cooper - Grandmother

"I hadn't been able to jog or attend aerobic classes for years due to my knee surgery and excess weight. I've lost over 35 pounds in the past five months and it really feels great to be able to exercise again and to have so much fun at the same time."
Lynn Lawrence - Psychologist