Frequently Asked Questions

Kangoo Jumps

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Is it difficult to learn how to use the Kangoo Jumps?
Not at all. You will feel comfortable and safe only after a few minutes of use. The soles being wider than your shoes, you feel very stable.

Q: Can Kangoo Jumps be used by anyone?

Yes, they are for all ages, all levels of abilities. We have Kangoo Jumps for every body weighing at least 45 lbs! Simply tell us your weight and your athletic shoe size. We will send you the perfect pair! Warning: As with all exercise, people with health problems should first consult their doctor.

Q: How high can you jump with the Kangoo Jumps?

They are not really designed for jumping very high, but for jogging, aerobic ("Kangoo'Robics"), cross training, dancing, and enjoying a feeling of "moon walking". The height of the jumps depend on the strength of the tension springs you adjust on your Kangoo Jumps, and the energy you develop (you can buy additional tension springs and accessories for more extreme uses).

Q: Do doctors recommend the use of Kangoo Jumps?
Yes they do, for several reasons! It is rebound exercise! (refer to: 33 Ways).

Q: How about the quality of the Kangoo Jumps?
They are made of the best materials available. The hard shell boot, for instance, is made of P.U., which is about 3 times more expensive than the materials used for most in-line skates. Kangoo Jumps have been used by the exercise and recreation markets for years and have been put under very severe strain tests:
They are currently used by marathon runners with distances of at least 10 km per day.
They are used in fitness clubs for up to 3 hours per day, on a regular basis.
Like any other quality product, Kangoo Jumps must be properly maintained.
Any spare part is available by giving us a call at 360-773-7998.
The parts which should be replaced when worn out, that is, IF you ever manage to wear them out:

a) the Turbo Band
b) the liners

The soles, made of the most expensive material, will require a long time to wear out!

Q: Do Kangoo Jumps leave marks on the floors?
No, they definitely do not. 

Q: What are the sizes available?
Adults sizes 5 through 13.
Juniors sizes 1 through 6.

Q: What are the benefits of Jumping with Kangoo Jumps™?
Improves your immune system.
Stimulates your lymphatic system just like rebounding on a ReboundAIR™.
Provides for effective weight loss.
Strengthens your heart and lungs.
Reduces impact to joints & spine by 60%.
Excellent workout for buttocks, thighs, and abdomen.
Aerobics have never been so much fun!
Endorsed by doctors & therapists for safe rehabilitation.
Provides a feeling of power and lightness during training.

   What are the benefits of using Kangoo Jumps?

   Can Kangoo Jumps be used by anyone?

   Is it difficult to learn how to use Kangoo Jumps?

   Do doctors recommend the use of Kangoo Jumps?

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   How do I replace my Sole Clamps?

   Why are they so effective at weight loss?

   What are the main parts of the body that will be firmed up?

   How do they balance people so that they don’t fall over in them?

   Why is it better to use them while jogging than just to jog in normal running shoes?

   Is the trend for using them growing and why?
The trend is growing at a rapid pace, one of the key elements being, that buyers love them so much that they recommend them to all their friends! To get an idea you may want to have a look at some of the hundreds of spontaneous, unsolicited testimonials we receive.
People want to have fun when they exercise. Kangoo Jumps alleviate two major issues with physical training – boredom and safety!